Rhubarb the Clown

With Rhubarb the Clown, audiences are immediately awake to the fact that they are enjoying no ordinary performer.

Rhubarb revives the true essence of a dying tradition the ancient art of the clown. A comic mirror to the absurdities of society. The perfect foil for the anomaly that is life.

To communicate his message, Rhubarb entertains. Weaving his spell with mime and magic juggling (with fire where practical) - mastering a unicycle only to be challenged by a taller and then yet taller one. Adroitly juxtaposing breath-taking feats of skill with incredible ineptitude at everyday tasks. By turning the world topsy-turvy, he draws the audience into his own clown reality. His very humanity makes him approachable to young and old alike.

In short Rhubarb is the perfect clown and children's entertainer.

Rhubarb the Clown is a member of Equity and Clown International.

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